Jake Heppner

Bike number: 53

Chilliwack, British Columbia

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Big Top Powersports

Riding history.

I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 5. My dad bought me my first 50 in June of 2012. From June of 2012 until Spring of 2018 I rode mainly at home in our field, where my dad had built a track for my brothers, Dad and I to ride on. Summer of 2017 I went to a few Tuesday Night races in Mission, BC. In Spring of 2018 I started attending races. Since Spring, I have attended 4 Future West Moto Rounds, the MCQ/TripleCrown race at Popkum, and the WCAN in Revelstoke in July. I have also attended 5 races in the Tuesday Night Series in Mission, BC with the Lower Mainland Motorcross Club, as well as many of their practice nights.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

My most memorable achievement was at Round 7 & 8 in the Future West Moto Series May 12 and 13, at Green River, Pemberton. In Round 7, I went 1-2 for a 2nd overall in the 85(7-11) class. The next day in Round 8, I went 1-1 for a 1st overall in the 85(7-11) class. I also got the holeshot both motos in Round 8.

My hero/idol.

I don't really have one.

Most influential person in my life.

My Dad & Mom


Work hard and put in the effort.



Model: KX85
Sponsor Products: Big Top Powersports Atlas Brace

Model: KX85
Sponsor Products: Big Top Powersports Atlas Brace