Rider Registration

Registration is closed for the 2018 season.

Step 1: Create your Login Information

In order to access your rider dashboard, all new riders must first set up their rider login. It’s important that the rider uses a valid and current email address, as you they will be sent a validation email completing this step and clicking REGISTER. Also riders must ensure that they use a password that’s easy to remember. Rider must click on the link in the email that was sent to the email address provided for their login. Look for the email in junk folders as well, and be sure to note the sender as "safe" so that future email notifications go directly to the rider’s Inbox.

Step 2: Set up your profile details, and add your bike(s)

The next step after clicking the link in the activation email the rider received, is to log into their rider dashboard, and complete all the parts of the rider profile, AND add the bike(s) that rider will be riding. Click on the "CREATE PROFILE" icon at the top of the dashboard. Riders must ensure that they add all information accurately (including full address and phone number). Accurate information is critical, so that Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. has the ability to contact riders throughout the season as necessary. Don’t forget to add a photo of yourself. It can be an action shot of the rider if appropriate. Under the "Team sponsor name" drop down field, find the dealer name the rider initially approached at the beginning and discussed riding on their team. After completing all fields click on the orange "Save as draft" button.

After the rider has saved a draft of this part of their profile, scroll to the top of the page and click on the "ADD BIKES" icon. Click the "ADD MY BIKE" button and enter all info about the Kawasaki bike(s) the rider intends to ride for the 2015 season. Select the model, and enter the VIN of that bike. The rider should also add an image of their bike. Click on the blue "Submit for approval" button. NOTE: IF a rider is using two Kawasaki models, follow the same process by clicking on the "ADD MY BIKE" button again. VINs MUST be different.

Step 3: Submit overall profile for approval

After the rider has added all appropriate Kawasaki bikes, click on the icon at the top "EDIT PROFILE". The rider still has at this stage, and opportunity to edit some of the info in their profile if necessary. Review all your entered information, and then finally click on the blue "Submit for approval" button. The rider will see a green message at the top of their profile stating "Profile Updated and submitted for approval". Rider will receive an email notification their profile has been submitted.

Step 4: Rider’s dealer and Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. approves the rider’s personal and bike information

This next step is for the rider’s dealer and Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. to complete. After both parties have reviewed the submitted personal and bike information, including the validity of the VIN, the rider’s profile will be approved. Once approved, the rider will receive an email notifying them their profile has been approved.

Step 5: Review listing of events, and select which events you plan to attend

After receiving an email notification their profile has been approved, the rider can then log back into their dashboard to determine which events they plan to race in. Click on the "EVENTS PLANNER" icon at the top, and a full list of events will be visible. If a rider clicks on the thumbs-down icon under the "Going?" column, the icon will switch to a green thumbs-up, and the rider will receive email reminders of that race just prior to the event taking place. The rider can change the "Going?" status at any point during the season prior to the event date.

Returning Team Green Riders

Returning Team Green Riders must update all necessary pieces of their rider profile and submit their information and bike model(s) and VIN(s) for approval. This is a mandatory step each season. The same notification emails will be sent to the returning riders who complete these steps. Returning riders who do not update and submit their rider profile info and bike model(s) and VIN(s) will not get their profile approved, and will not be able to submit results.

IMPORTANT - If a rider makes changes to the information in their rider profile (such as address, personal details, info about them etc.) their rider profile will require approval again by Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. Approval of the updated rider profile will be necessary before a rider can submit results again. If profile info is updated, and the rider is awaiting approval from Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc., the rider’s profile will show a standing and K-points score of 0. However, upon approval of the updated profile info, the rider’s current points and standing, will repopulate.